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Nevada Taxes
Education Nevada
Nevada's Economy

We need to forge ahead and get the economy fully back on track. While the economy is improving, it now suffers from near record inflation due to largely to supply chain issues. Inflation is hurting middle class families and blue collar workers. We need to work with businesses and suppliers and step in and help fix the issue instead of standing in their way.

Immigration Nevada

Fighting higher taxes isn’t something I talk about, it is something I have actually done. As your Assemblywoman, I voted against the largest tax increase in Nevada history and a slew of other tax increases, earning one of the highest Conservative ratings in the Assembly. So you know I will hold the line on taxes.


While in the NV Legislature, I made education a top priority and voted for sweeping education reforms that put our state on the right path. I will continue my fight for our children’s education by properly funding and expanding access to Education Savings Accounts, and by giving parents more control of their children’s education.

Healthcare Nevada
2nd Amendment Nevada

As a granddaughter of immigrants who built a great life here after coming to America, I support legal immigration. I want everyone to have the same opportunity my parents and grandparents had as long as they come here legally and follow the rules of law. 


The problems with our healthcare system can’t be solved by more government involvement. We need quality healthcare and as your Assemblywoman, I will fight for true free market reforms that put patients in charge of their healthcare.

The Second Amendment

As an NRA member and a CCW permit holder, I fully support our Second Amendment and believe it is integral to our freedom. I will continue to defend our individual constitutional right to keep and bear arms which is why I've been endorsed by the NRA previously. 

Nevada Voter ID
Voter ID

It is critically important to the integrity of our electoral process in the State of Nevada to ensure that those who cast ballots are legally entitled to. As your Assemblywoman, I have made it my mission to keep our elections honest and make sure that your vote counts.

Nevada Law Enforcement
Funding Law Enforcement

Those who protect us and keep us safe deserve our thanks. We need to ensure that our police and law enforcement officers have all the tools they need to do their job. I support them fully and was proud to have over 50 law enforcement agencies endorse my campaign.

Nevada Freedom
Preserving Freedom

Our country was founded with liberty and freedom in mind. I believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. I promise to stand up for your individual rights, civil liberties, and religious freedoms, and fight against legislation that threatens them.

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